intercom and zendesk

As experts in customer service, we have worked and tested many live chat and helpdesk platforms. That’s why we wanted to make a comparison of these tools with the goal of helping you decide which one would be a good choice for your business. Below, we present the main features, pros, and cons of a popular Zendesk alternative – Intercom. Hiver’s automations, including smart assignment rules, workflows, and Harvey, the AI bot, help automate repetitive tasks. The platform also offers SLA and escalation setups to ensure timely responses.

Both Intercom and Zendesk provide you with their own Operator bot, which immediately suggests relevant material to clients via the chat widget. When it comes to creating an optimum knowledge base experience, both Intercom and Zendesk are excellent choices with similar capabilities for your needs. The customer service reps I talked to were very helpful during the entire process. Once stored in the Panoply Smart Data Warehouse, your Intercom data can be extracted, explored, and analyzed with all of your other data sources. Analysts can generate reports from within Panoply, and run queries and analyses immediately.

Integrating Data of Different Structure

Additionally, you can trigger incoming messages to automatically assign an agent and create dashboards to monitor the team’s performance on live chat. Zendesk takes the slight lead here because it offers some advanced help desk features, which Intercom does not. Basically, if you have a complicated customer support process, go with Zendesk for its help desk functionality.

  • Continue running your business as though it’s a usual workday.You don’t need to waste hours to regulate every stage on your own.
  • Feedback from prospects and customers is crucial for any business operating today.
  • Yes, the most frequent issue organizations face is the lack of expertise of the technical support team as it pertains to the transition process.
  • And we can help you make an effective transfer of information and move on with your business as soon as possible.
  • You can set office hours, live chat with logged-in users via their user profiles, and set up a chatbot.
  • Keep the conversation going across a range of channels without missing a beat.

Last button on the bottom left corner will take you to your settings where you’ll find all the fine-grained controls for your account. Whenever new features are released (which in some companies happens daily), more data needs labelling and testing is required. Thematic has just rolled out two new integrations with Zendesk and Intercom.


With industry-leading automation, your team can cut resolution time by 44%. They will also offer support by email, but no telephone numbers are listed for reaching out to the team. Once you login into your account, a live chat popup is available if you have questions that need quick answers. Their support section is based on the Docs forum, where you can ask questions or read on related topics.

What integrates with Zendesk?

  • Google Sheets. Google, Spreadsheets. Webhooks by Zapier. Developer Tools, Zapier. Slack. Team Chat.
  • Filter by Zapier. Developer Tools, Zapier. Formatter by Zapier. Documents, Zapier. Asana. Project Management.
  • Typeform. Forms & Surveys. Paths by Zapier. Developer Tools, Zapier. HubSpot. Marketing Automation.

Overall, when comparing Zendesk to Intercom, Zendesk’s features will probably win out over time. But the most important thing is that you get a help desk that you believe in—and that you integrate it into a website as thoroughly as possible. You can use this support desk to help customers or you can forward potential new users to your sales department. You can create a help platform to assist users in guiding themselves, or you can use AI-enabled responses to create a more “human” like effect. Another feature Intercom offers that Zendesk doesn’t is email marketing tools.

Intercom vs. Zendesk: Which Is Better?

Pipedrive is a CRM platform that helps sales teams stay organized and focused on their goals. It allows users to create deals, track activities, and manage contacts all in one place. Pipedrive also offers integrations with other popular tools, such as Intercom, to help streamline processes and increase efficiency. By integrating Intercom and Pipedrive, you can easily manage your sales pipeline. You can quickly create new deals without leaving your Intercom inbox, giving you the ability to efficiently handle customer requests and keep your sales process running smoothly. Intercom also offers a few features that are unique to its platform – one of these being the ability to segment users based on their behavior.

  • Help desk SaaS is how you manage general customer communication and for handling customer questions.
  • To integrate an external service with a Refined site, you can use the custom HTML setting located on the Site Configuration page in Refined admin.
  • They offer an omnichannel live chat solution that integrates with multiple messaging platforms and marketing channels and even automates incoming support processes with bots.
  • If you don’t go with ActiveCampaign, then Zoho would be my second choice.
  • Customer service systems like Zendesk and Intercom should provide a simple workflow builder as well as many pre-built automations which can be used right out of the box.
  • For example, you can have Zendesk Chat analyze how long someone is on your checkout page, and once it hits a certain limit, start a conversation with them to see if they need assistance.

Also, their in-app messaging functionality is worth a separate mention as it’s one of their distinctive tools (especially since Zendesk doesn’t really have one). With Intercom, you can send targeted email, push, and in-app messages which can be based on relevant time or behavior triggers. You can create new articles in a simple intuitive WYSIWYG text editor, divide them by categories and sections and customize it with your custom themes. However, it’s obvious that they’re crafted for different use cases.

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These 13 Intercom alternatives provide great options for sales, marketing, and support help for your business. Zendesk is well-known in the industry as a large tool with a number of business solutions, especially when it comes to service and sales. Your knowledge base is easily customizable to ensure it matches your branding and overall website’s look and feel to create a cohesive experience. Our new Scores feature allows you to set up points-based scoring models for customers, product engagement, and leads using any attributes or activities you choose. Ask for feedback from your customers as soon as the conversation ends to get a better understanding of how your interactions are influencing the entire customer experience, and make adjustments ASAP.

intercom and zendesk

Sure, you can have a front desk—but you don’t necessarily have to plunk down the cost it would take to buy that desk, train an employee, and add them to your payroll. There is no harm in testing the waters before committing to one or the other, as both Zendesk and Intercom offer free trials. Both products are so full-featured that they both take quite a while to learn.

Free Tools

Moreover, Freshdesk supports multi-channel communication management, allowing agents to interact with customers via email, phone, social media, live chat and WhatsApp. With Freshdesk, organizations can set up automations to handle specific customer inquiries as appropriate. This includes automatic delivery of help desk tickets to the correct department or agent, prioritization of inquiries based on severity, and escalation of urgent issues. Freshdesk also allows users to customize ticket fields and workflows to suit their specific needs and preferences.

intercom and zendesk

The service was excellent, during all the steps of the transition we felt taken care of and monitored perfectly. Connect nearly any data source with our Flex Connector or a 3rd party ETL tool. We are Vision Point Systems, a Certified Service Partner of Intercom. We have the skills and experience to help you switch from Zendesk to Intercom smoothly and efficiently.

Connect Intercom to Zendesk

One of Zendesk’s most notable aspects is its robust ticketing system. As Zendesk initially began as a help desk ticketing system, it’s no surprise that the platform makes tracking and managing customer inquiries seamless. Both tools also allow you to connect your email account and manage it from within the application to track open and click-through rates.

What is better than Intercom?

Olark. Best Intercom alternative for small businesses in search of a live chat solution. Olark is a live chat software system that allows you to engage with customers instantly. Website visitors can easily contact your business directly through a chatbot on your website with this live chat feature.

Does Zendesk integrate with Intercom?

The Zendesk Support app gives you access to live Intercom customer data in Zendesk, and lets you create new tickets in Zendesk directly from Intercom conversations.