I’m honest with myself about my feelings and I accept responsibility for my own behaviors, which are key parts of my philosophies. I may have enjoyed drinking – but I will stay sober – no one can ever take that away from me, only I can take that away from myself. I’m often reminded of how being “just sober” sucks. I have half a decade without drugs and alcohol, but sometimes I’m more miserable than I ever was when I was getting high. The difference between then and now is that I have tools to get back to true freedom–where all the nonsense I am putting myself through mentally has no validity. It is not the mere fact that I am away from mind-altering substances, but it is because of the spiritual actions that can free my mind from itself.

being sober sucks

Imagine feeling that way for the rest of the day, every single day for four months. I wondered whether I would be sweeping floors or stacking boxes for the rest of my life. One morning an interview fell through, and I was suddenly left with nothing to do.

How do you get better in sobriety if you have no idea where to start?

Margera shares 5-year-old son, Phoenix, with wife, Nikki Boyd. Steve-O fears he’s watching his former Jackass co-star, Bam Margera, die before his eyes. In an emotional plea on Instagram, Steve-O begged his friend to stop doing drugs and “choose recovery.” Margera’s struggle with alcohol and drugs has been well-documented being sober sucks over the years. PAWS can last for varying periods of time and be of varying intensity with the duration usually being measured in months – occasionally over a year. The good news however is that, barring relapse, the symptoms will go away. Like urges, they decrease in frequency and intensity with time.

Everyone is “a lot more clued up about mental health stuff” these days. While it is heartbreaking when those in recovery relapse, it is never too late to start over and get help. Having an understanding that drinking again only prolongs and worsens issues can help prevent the relapse.

Getting sober alone sucks.Join THE SQUAD.

This isn’t intended to be the setup for a joke, that’s how it happens. The first drink you take in your life or the first time https://ecosoberhouse.com/ you get drunk doesn’t make you an alcoholic. It takes time and hundreds upon hundreds of drinks which follow that first one.

By the fall of 1981 I had a book contract, I was writing regularly for a new magazine, and I was in love again, with a spirited but flighty young woman. My pot smoking abated that fall and winter because I came down with a terrible case of mononucleosis and spent most of the rest of the year on my back. I was still cooking, busing, and waiting tables at a cafe where many of my coworkers were artists and druggies, mostly potheads.